The device you have just purchased has a 2-year warranty subject to proper installation, in accordance with the regulations in force in the country where the product will be installed.

You will find the instructions and the main rules to follow for installation in the PRODUCTS menu on the dedicated site

If you do not understand these rules, call in a professional who will carry out an installation in accordance with the regulations in force in your country.

In France, this device can be put into service at a price of € 130 excluding VAT, to be paid when the technician comes to your home. The purpose of this is to validate the conformity of the installation and to make, if necessary, the settings for proper functioning of your device.

This commissioning will allow you to use your device in complete safety.

How do I register my device? 2 possibilities :

Je souhaite la mise en service

Je ne souhaite pas la mise en service

NOTE: If there has been no commissioning, malfunctions due to a fault in the installation or settings will not be taken under warranty.


Any commissioning request for a device that has already worked cannot be taken into consideration.